Fast to market with new company name, new brand. Total integration of new brand for this major telecommunications network design and construction company.
A positive IT merger. Our two-pronged approach helps keep customers loyal and spurs on sales.
Exhibition strategy leveraged off stakeholder relationships to help deliver brand message at major IT&T show.
Company magazine goes from strength to strength. Our comprehensive publishing service helps maintain consistency of brand image and message.
Maximising opportunities through launch event. A highly responsive teaser and invitation mailing and interactive presentations give new service a headstart in telco market.
Communicating directly with decision makers boosts sales. Focussing on the mindset of potential advertisers led client to a new sales approach, generating big dollars in a short timeframe.
Market perceptions can be changed. Ongoing testimonials by IT managers took this publication to new heights, converted hard to reach prospects and helped drive significant sales increases.
Big impact with limited budget. The repositioning of this magazine was swiftly and effectively communicated through a personalised direct mailer and sales presenter.
Licence to Print Money was the brand promise. An invitation only event demonstrated the real benefits of the Minolta Digital Colour printer to a right on target market.
Marketing a mission enriches corporate brand. This integrated communications program leveraged off a social cause and as a result positively and economically impacted on all stakeholders.
90% conversion to sales. These easy-to-use direct marketing kits for agents proved a winner for all participants with increases in revenue between 20% and 40%.
Making super easy to understand wins over customers. "I think it is the best material we have produced to date," said the Managing Director.
Research findings lead to high responding campaign. A deep understanding of target market was key to developing this advertising insert and direct mail campaign.
Packaging concept, design and production for childrens educational package.
Annual Reports help drive the Scout Association brand and key messages.